Workshops Dog photography

Do you want to learn how to make beautiful sharp and correctly exposed pictures? Do you want to learn how to work outside the automatic modi of your camera?

During my workshop dog photography I will show you how I pose with my models and how I make sure they feel relaxed. Furthermore, I will teach you how to work in manual camera modi and how to choose composition.

After explaining the theory, I will take you outside, where we will practice what you’ve just learned. After that, we will load the pictures on the computer and discuss what went well and what we might want to work on. Then we will go outside again and try to take better pictures with the feedback I just gave you. I will also tell you a bit about how I edit my pictures, which involved basic Lightroom and Photoshop.

After the workshop, you can take home a cheat sheet about what settings to use in different situations and a short list of checkpoints for a good picture. Of course you should practice your new acquired skills in the time after the workshop and you can send me pictures for feedback.

Personal contact is very important in both my photoshoots and workshops. Therefore, workshop groups consist of maximal 3 people (exceptions possible if you prefer). You can also have a private workshop.

The workshop will take around 4-5 hours and I will provide you with a drink and cake. The date, location and models will be chosen in consultation with the participants.

The price for a private workshop is 130 euro incl. BTW and every extra person pays 70 euros. For a workshop with 3 participants each participant pays 90 euro.

Workshops ‘general photography’ and ‘portrait photography’ also possible. Contact me for more information 🙂

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