“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”

- Paul Caponigro -


# 24 years old
# living in Groningen, The Netherlands
# grade in Biology
# loving photography already during childhood
# 2 Border-Collies and a Cairn Terriër

Actually, this page is not really necessary, since my pictures show a lot of who I am: personal, sensitive, warm. I don’t like posing my models so they look like in magazines, rather I take the time to get to know my models and then photograph them how they really are. I love the feeling of being part of my model’s life for a few hours, in which we get to a result that show’s both our personalities. I enjoy seeing my models enjoy, laugh and increase in self-confidence. This gives me such a good feeling that lasts for hours after the photoshoot.

I feel inspired by nature, and I think I am more of an outdoor person than an indoor person. Therefore, I love to take my models out for a walk in a nice piece of nature! In my holidays I love to go out in the wilderness with a tent and a backpack, back to basics. Of course, I take my camera on these trips and the result you can find in the travel photography part of the website.  Thanks to my international relationship and travels abroad, my English is sufficient to communicate with my models and workshop participants in English.

Do you like my style of photography and would you like to work with me? Please contact me using the form on the ‘contact’ page.

“If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.”

— Eve Arnold —

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